Why are you looking for Homeschool Curriculum?—Because that’s what schools use, and that’s what my homeschooling friends use.

Let’s look at why schools and homeschools use subject-divided, grade-specific curriculum, and why you don’t need to. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why schools use step-by-step grade-level curriculum?

In a typical school environment, there is one teacher and many students. The teacher couldn’t possibly allow all the children to learn at their own pace.

Individualized learning and unique learning processes would be too difficult for one teacher toward many students. The schools use curriculum for the benefit of the teacher.

With step-by-step curriculum, one teacher can impose a prescribed generic agenda on the many students at once. Through generations of school attendance, most people believe this process benefits the students, and is indeed what causes learning, but in fact, step-by-step grade-level curriculum is for the benefit of the teacher, and actually prevents true and deep learning processes in children, because its generic, one-size-fits-all nature stifles and eventually destroys individuality, creativity and uniqueness in children.

Home educators have no need to use curriculum for managing many children at once because Mom is most likely able to be one on one with each child. Mom can learn to nurture the individuality, creativity, and uniqueness of each of her children, instead of stifle these with traditional curriculum.

Here’s what homeschooling mom, Ericka, says:

Schools also use step-by-step curriculum so that the educational path for the many children can be standardized. This also makes it easier for the schools and the teachers.

All the students are supposed to pass through the same program at the same times in their lives. This makes the process predictable, measured, and standardized for the sake of the teacher and the school.

This idea—standardized, age-segregated schooling—began in the late 1800’s when the assembly line was first instituted in manufacturing. School innovators adopted the idea of the assembly line thinking that if children were put in on one end—kindergarten—and then had the same process happen to each of them, they would come out the other end—highschool graduation—equally educated and ready for delivery into society. This idea assumes that all children are the same and need to be the same, and need to know the same things at the same times in their lives, as though they are products passing through an assembly line.

Home educators have no need for this idea, especially those who desire a whole-life education for their children. They know that true inner growth and learning processes cannot be standardized.

Here’s what homeschooling mom, Rhonda, says:

God has made each of your children individuals with unique needs, and a unique way of learning what they uniquely need to learn, and a unique timing for learning it.

"Curriculum allowed me to put check-marks in all the boxes in the teacher’s guides, so it felt for a time like it was working. But the kids’ retention level of what I was teaching them was not what I had hoped for. I learned a lot, including how interesting history really is, but my kids didn’t learn nearly as much as I thought they would. It was really frustrating, and I kept searching and searching and changing curriculum trying to find what would “work” for us. But nothing really worked."

"I purchased curriculum because I thought that was what we were supposed to be doing. I thought that if I bought the whole set, I wouldn't "miss" anything that I was "supposed" to cover. I don't remember doubting my ability to teach my daughter, I just didn't know what and when I needed to teach. It didn't really work great for me because I always felt like a slave. I could never get finished with it all, and we never were able to spend larger amounts of time on the things she struggled with because we HAD to get that spelling test done! It was very frustrating to me!"

Here’s what Nancy says, "The Lifestyle of Learning™ message has been changing how my family relates to each other as well as how we all view education. The relationships within my family have become more loving than before and my children are coming to really enjoy learning. My children are now more full of information from what they have been learning, because what they are learning includes many things that they are interested in. In addition, our whole family is being exposed to many things and learning many things from each other’s interests. This is something that was not happening with traditional curriculum. The Lifestyle of Learning™ message has freed me up from the burden of trying to keep up with curriculum demands for four children and has given me time and energy to focus on developing real relationships and a real education within our family."

So Why Do Homeschoolers Use Curriculum?

Most homeschoolers follow this curriculum plan because they don’t know there is another, superior way to lead their children to love learning and to learn what they need to learn when they need to learn it. They are simply doing what everyone else is doing, following cultural assumption without question.

Did you know Lifestyle of Learning™ is a more superior approach to educating your family than using subject-divided, grade-level curriculum?

It’s superior because of its goals. Schools, and by emulation homeschools, generally have the goal of producing someone who is able to pass tests, get a job or go to college and then get a job. Christian homeschoolers like to add the goal of producing Christ-followers who can pass tests, get a job or go to college and then get a job.

The Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach to home education has superior goals.

Young adults trained in Lifestyle of Learning™ principles emerge with a life-long love of learning behind them. They know how to be self-governed toward solid individual purpose, and they characteristically emerge with many well-developed skills, including the ability to learn new things quickly on their own.

You can be free from the burden of traditional curriculum!

Lifestyle of Learning™ can show you how!

#2—Why are you looking for curriculum?—I like having a step-by-step guide to show me what to do.

It’s comforting at times to have a step-by-step guide to tell you how to go about doing something. It provides a measure of security in knowing that someone else knows better than you how to do a thing, and has made it easy for you to proceed, even though you don’t know how to do it.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you need someone else to give you step-by-step instructions on what and how your children need to learn? We long for step-by-step instructions, and search for them when we don’t actually know how to do a thing. That means that our longing for step-by-step instructions toward learning reveals that we ourselves don’t actually know how to do it. We don’t know HOW to learn ourselves, and so we don’t know HOW to help our children learn. Each one of us who went to school, weren’t actually taught HOW to learn and move our own education forward, so we end up searching for someone else’s step-by-step method.

Hopefully most of us did not need a step-by-step instruction plan for teaching our children how to dress themselves, or how to use silverware, or how to walk. We already knew how to do those things ourselves, and so we didn’t need to find someone to give us step-by-step instructions in order to teach our children those things.

Lifestyle of Learning™ is not a step-by-step curriculum for your children’s learning, but it’s more of a guide for you as the parent to learn the vital processes that you missed when you went to school. There are also some very practical descriptions of processes in the Lifestyle of Learning™ message. Lifestyle of Learning™ materials will show you as the parent HOW to learn, and HOW to recognize and encourage learning in your children, eliminating the need for you to spend lots and lots of money for someone else to tell you and your children what to do through traditional curriculum.

When you as the parent know how to truly learn, (which is very different from completing assignments, passing tests, and getting class credit) it will become easy for you to see how your children can, and often are, learning apart from the “schooling” that you’re providing them through grade-level, subject-divided curriculum or classes. You’ll be able to stop wasting time leaning on the step-by-step agenda of others, and instead you can devote heaps of time toward your children’s true and natural learning. When your children are released from the traditional box of artificial learning assignments that boxed curriculum provides, they will learn much more and love doing it!

Lifestyle of Learning™ can show you how to gain the home-centered education you need in order to free you from the feeling that you must spend a great deal of money on step-by-step guides to tell you what to do.

“I wanted a step-by-step teaching guide so I would know how to teach. I wanted it to be, "Just open book and add child". The curriculum guides themselves gave me the fear of missing something, because once I got it home and looked it over, there was always another resource listed that I didn't yet have, but seemed to be required for the course, such as a particular atlas, grammar handbook, or dictionary. It felt like I was never finished buying, but I couldn't afford the resources after buying the guides. It caused me lots of anxiety.”

Here’s what homeschooling mom, Melanie says, “Lifestyle of Learning™ has freed up my family to live real life. Before Lifestyle of Learning™ I was always busy and stressed to get through "school" in the morning and manage to get dinner on the table along with juggling little kids. The little ones felt ignored as they were a nuisance and in the way of ‘school’ happening. Dealing with character issues was done quickly and superficially as we needed to keep moving through our schedule to get everything done. The kids didn't really like or have interest in ‘school’ since it usually wasn't about anything they were interested in. Since embracing the Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach, we have time to completely address character problems without panicking that we'll never get through everything that ‘has to’ get done.

The kids have freedom to pursue and study things they're interested in. They enjoy the learning that they're doing because it's meaningful to them. Best of all, every one of my kids, including the baby and preschoolers, are important in each day and I have time to get to know and meet the needs of each precious child.

Here’s what homeschooling mom, Julie, says, “When I first began homeschooling, I really wanted a curriculum that would hold my hand as I learned how to teach and also that would let me feel I was not 'missing anything'. We had periods of taking things slow and emphasizing a natural approach, and doing what felt right like, pursuing activities and reading a lot, but then I would feel guilty for not 'doing school' and would revert to a more rigid and long schedule of school subjects and we would all be miserable as we tried to 'make up' for getting behind. And my poor children were always receiving that message "We are so behind!" It was terrible, and I am so glad I have repented to them for that and do not feel that way anymore!

I have begun to truly KNOW who my children are--who they were created to be and to appreciate what the Lord has placed within them. This has increased my enjoyment of them, and consequently allowed them to feel known, loved , appreciated and validated. Their bents and talents and interests have blossomed and deepened in so many ways. I sat down to list the interests being pursued actively that have been self-taught, self-motivated and used to bless others that my children are or have been engaged in since we began and it was a flood! I quickly filled up 2 pages for each child!

#3—Why are you looking for curriculum?—I like making sure that I’m teaching my children all they need to know. I don’t want to skip anything.

Did you know that when you rely on traditional curriculum to tell you what to do with your children, you are making someone else decide what your children need to know, and when they need to know it? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you should be surrendering your children, and your responsibility for your children over to others who have never even met your children?

As Christian parents, we should want God to be the one who shows us what our children need to know, and when they need to know it. Perhaps after reading that last statement you feel like saying, “I am following God in my homeschooling because He’s the one who convicted me to start homeschooling, and I obeyed.” But God doesn’t want you to end His involvement with your major life decisions. He also wants to be an intimate part of your process so He can help you to become a better parent and role model for your children. It’s where He will accomplish His best work in your life, in the day-to-day relational dynamic of your family. God wants to walk closely with you so you will grow fruit you haven’t even thought possible!

So many Christian Homeschooling parents are unknowingly surrendering their children to a godless school agenda. They feel like they’re giving their children a Christian education, because they are trying to teach their children about God on the side, in addition to the godless traditional school agenda that they’re reproducing at home. The grade-level, subject-divided, teacher-driven agenda of the school system does not come from God, and it opposes His ways of individualized, relational learning and discipleship.

Lifestyle of Learning™ can show you how to connect with God in a way you’ve never known before in order to lead your children in an education uniquely made by His hand for your unique children.

Have you ever felt like homeschooling mom, Teri? She says, “Honestly, curriculum is all I knew. I didn't want to miss something. I didn't want the kids to feel 'behind' in 'grade-level'. I didn't want gaps in their education. I felt inadequate to 'teach' them all that they needed to know per 'grade'. I wanted to feel better about 'not missing anything’ so I could sleep better at night!

Here’s what Teri found, “Lifestyle of Learning™ has changed our lives on every level! I started out just wanting to know more about the ap and I just wanted to know 'what I needed to do'! I had no clue that God was about to take our family on a complete overhaul of our entire lives

And here’s what homeschooling mom, Rhonda says, "I can say that Lifestyle of Learning™ has totally changed my life and my family’s lives! I first became interested in Lifestyle of Learning™ because I was at burn out stage already and I had only been homeschooling three years! I knew there had to be another way. Marilyn Howshall talked about homeschooling so differently than anything I had ever heard, and yet I felt like everything I read resonated with my spirit, making me feel as though I had hit a vein of the Lord that I needed to continue tapping into! The Lord has been setting me free from so many chains that had once bound me and caused me not to be able to receive His love, nor give love to Him or my family. I am seeing so many changes in my children and my husband that could only come from His work in and through us! I can never say thank you enough for the gracious unconditional love I have experienced through the Lifestyle of Learning™ ministry.

Cost Comparison

Lifestyle of Learning™ is not a curriculum. It provides a biblical way of thinking about learning so you can escape the long-held cultural myth that education and school-type assignments are the same thing as true learning. Lifestyle of Learning™ provides information and ongoing education for parents about true growth and learning processes that are transformational instead of just informational so they can help their children identify and connect into their own inner processes that will release them into a whole-life education they will love.

Let’s compare the cost of Lifestyle of Learning™ with the cost of traditional curriculum.

On the average, homeschoolers spend between $600- $1000 per year on curriculum.

If we look at the cost of curriculum on the conservative side of $600 per child per year, and you have, let’s say, 3 children for 13 years of traditional schooling, that adds up to $23,400 for the curriculum for your children’s entire homeschool education.

Now, there are many price levels at which you could begin with Lifestyle of Learning™. You could begin as low as only $12 for Wisdom's Way of Learning, book one. In this book you will learn about the three components of true learning, and come to see how all three must be nurtured in children to provide a healthy and complete education. You will be able to see by stark contrast the voids created in the child’s development when even one of the elements is not provided quality attention. This book is one of a four book set that introduces Lifestyle of Learning™.

Different people approach their start with Lifestyle of Learning™ in different ways, but here we’ll show you the most effective and most common process for beginning with Lifestyle of Learning™ and compare the cost involved to the cost of traditional curriculum.

The Lifestyle of Learning™ Get Started Packetincludes the books and articles at the core of the Lifestyle of Learning™ message as well as several audios and a short video that give explanation of principles and encouragement for getting started. The Get Started Packet is priced at over a 30% discount for $74.95.

Shortly after getting involved with Lifestyle of Learning™, people often develop a strong desire to know what Lifestyle of Learning™ “looks like” at work in other families. Lifestyle of Learning™ Association of Christian Home Educators, which we call (LOLACHE) is an online association for the whole family that provides a place for Lifestyle of Learning™ families to connect and receive inspiration and encouragement from one another. It's where Lifestyle of Learning™ principles can be seen expressed through real life examples. Among the many benefits of LOLACHE is a 25% discount on all Lifestyle of Learning™ products.

LOLACHE Membership is - $155 per year, or $13 per month

As parents continue in their Lifestyle of Learning™ journey, they soon realize that they don’t have the relationship with their children they need to make the changes in their lifestyle that will support a true and natural learning process. The Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith - books and audios are about parenting your children, and effectively transferring Christlike moral values to them so that your family can work together toward whole and meaningful relationships. This whole set is $36.75 with a LOLACHE discount, or $49 for non-members

At times when parents begin to implement the biblical principles they are learning from the "Empowering" books and audio set, they begin to realize that their own personal relationship with the Lord isn’t what it needs to be in order to lovingly influence their families and help them form Christlike character.

The five “Making Heart-Level Connections” mini coaching program series was designed to help parents get connected with God’s work in their hearts, so they can cooperate with Him toward His loving will for their family's relational healing and wholeness. The programs expose 21 of the most common disconnects among serious homeschooling Christian parents, and give instruction for overcoming.

It takes about 10-15 weeks for the average parent to complete this set of 5 coaching programs. The cost is $215 for the entire set for LOLACHE Members or $295 for non-members.

The rest of the Lifestyle of Learning™ ebooks and articles focus on particular questions and aspects of the Lifestyle of Learning™ message that pertain to home-centered family life. Most of them are only $5 each, which is $3.75 for LOLACHE members. All these Lifestyle of Learning™ eBooks Combined comes to $59.25 with the LOLACHE discount

All this adds up to $672.25 (less than $700.00). These are one time expenditures for your entire family’s education except for the yearly or monthly LOLACHE membership.

Even if you add yearly LOLACHE membership at $155 per year for, let’s say 20 years – over the course of educating your entire family, that comes to a grand total of $3,772.25 to end up with a full and rich Holy Spirit guided education for you AND your children. Lifestyle of Learning™ families call it miraculously life-changing, and pricelss and they would never go back!

If you bought everything Lifestyle of Learning™ offers at this time over the course of 20 years, you would spend $3,792.25

If you only buy a modest amount of traditional curriculum for three children over the course of 20 years, you would spend about $23,400.00

With Lifestyle of Learning,™ your education budget can be freed up to purchase real tools and real books that contribute to your children’s real interests and talents and skills. Your children will love it, and will rapidly grow in learning and mastering many skills, not to mention the whole-life education and deep heart-level relational coaching that no other curriculum offers!

Here’s what homeschooling mom, Teri, says, "Before Lifestyle of Learning™, we spent $300-400 at the beginning of every year per child. And then, another $100-$200 during the course of the year on all the 'changing our minds' on curriculum choices! Oh my!! Now we spend absolutely NO money on grade-level curriculum! We now spend money as the Holy Spirit leads for our children's interests. All the life lessons, learning to love, contribute, and participate in family life and the real learning and real relating, that's PRICELESS!"

Here’s what homeschooling mom, Ericka, says, "We spent almost $400 per child per year on average! That is just ridiculous now that I see it calculated out!!! Because I am no longer filling our time with busywork, I now have time and understanding to allow the kids to explore their interests. I love living a lifestyle of learning because it is so simple—we LEARN in everyday real LIFE. I don’t feel overwhelmed with trying to fit it all in anymore, and the lessons STICK because they are REAL. I can say with all certainty that I will NEVER go back to traditional curriculum! Now we spend our money on supplies for our kids’ real interests like movie making equipment, instruments, and quality art supplies.

Are you thinking of homeschooling? A visual contrast chart of Lifestyle of Learning and Traditional schooling